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Mission Critical / Overview

Data Centers, Network Operation Centers, Readiness Centers

Mission Critical means different things to different people. At BKM, we understand that no matter the size or the complexity, your IT infrastructure is critical to your mission. From a small LAN closet to a large Tier IV facility responsible for corporate revenue in excess of $1M per hour, we know the value of uptime when it comes to keeping your company or agency online.

services overview

Facility Assessments
BKM has the experience to assess your current facility to determine the level of risk to uptime, impact on maintainability, and potential for expansion / increased capacity.

Whether the need is for a new Data Center or the renovation of an existing facility, BKM can bring the necessary experience and expertise to your project to effectively determine your current and future needs, and develop a plan suitable for Facilities Engineering personnel, CIO, or CFO alike.

With a mutual understanding of the project goals, BKM will develop a detailed Basis of Design to fully identify the needs of the raised floor environment, as well as the associated infrastructure topology. We will analyze various system and component options for reliability, operation, and maintainability taking into consideration both OPEX & CAPEX. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Modeling is typically performed during this phase of the project to validate the design decisions. Finally, a Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) pricing is usually developed at this stage of the project.

Factory Acceptance Testing
Upon review and approval of the critical equipment product submittals, BKM will attend factory testing for verification of operation as designed and submitted. To validate the equipment performance, we develop Factory Acceptance Testing Scripts to include various failure scenarios. Prior to approving the equipment for shipment to the project site, a vendor deficiency log will be developed, along with recommendations for correction.

Construction Documents
As the design progresses into formal bid documents, long lead equipment is identified and standalone documents are prepared for early procurement.

Construction Administration
This process takes on a new meaning in the mission critical environment. Senior BKM staff will be actively and continually involved throughout the construction period.

Commissioning Support
As the project nears completion, BKM personnel who are Certified Commissioning Authorities (CxA) work closely with the installing contractors and the Owner's facility engineers to validate the installation of every piece of equipment. This process is followed by the Functional System Testing, where each system is energized in a controlled fashion to confirm to the sequence of operation.

Integrated Systems Testing and Owner Training
Lastly, BKM will participate with the entire design and construction team, along with the Owner's staff to demonstrate complete building-wide systems testing, highlighted by a orchestrating a live power outage to validate that all systems respond as planned, and the facility's systems remain fully operational.


  • Short Circuit Coordination Study
  • Arch Flash
  • Reliability Analysis
  • CFD
  • Building Evaluation
  • Peer Review